Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 15th

Tonight, here in this little city in Michigan, history will be made. It might be small, but it's just a start!

For the first time EVER, there will be a candlelight vigil held at the Fire Department. Thanks to myself and some dear friends of mine, we were able to set this up! I'm wanting this day to get more recognition than it's been getting. We deserve this one day to remember our babies. We get the entire month dedicated to boobs, and I'm ready to see that we get the attention we deserve too!!!

I see pink ribbons up everywhere for Breast Cancer Awareness. But, where are the pink and blue ribbons for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness!? I'm determined to make a difference, and I'll go to my grave trying! I will not stand for this to be a "taboo" topic any longer! It's real life. It happens. It deserves just as much attention(if not more) as our ta-ta's!

I will be lighting candles for Allie Grace, Gregory, Jenna, Ada, Lily and all of the other babies of my dear friends in blog land.

We're not expecting a huge turnout, as we just got word today. I've been spreading the news as best I can on Facebook and Myspace, so hopefully we'll get some people on over. Next year we'll be more ready and can hopefully get a decent crowd!


JenJen said...

Cameron would be so proud of you! Good work, momma!

Thinking of you and Cameron today...

Mrs. Mother said...

I agree. Good work. Cameron is looking down on you and thinking what a wonderful mom he has. Good for you.

Julia said...

Great job. I completely agree that we need this to be MORE. More for us, more for our babies and more for all of the women who have never, ever shared their loss. It is a taboo subject and I was just wondering to myself if anyone had ever approached someone like Oprah with this topic. On one hand, I kinda know the response but wouldn't be great if she did agree. I was just reading the numbers on how many of us this happens to. I am finding more and more mommies all the time who open up and share with me. Unbelieveable to think of how many it really could be. ((HUGS)) today and I have a candle lit for all you mamas.