Saturday, January 10, 2009

Special dinner

The chaplain (who is the chaplain at Chev's work)who did Cameron's memorial service has invited Chev and I to a dinner on the 24th.

It's a dinner for all of those at Chev's work who have lost children. Him and his wife lost their 18yr old son in a car accident a few years back. Another couple lost their 20-something yr. old son to suicide. Then there are the parents of the 2yr old little girl who lost her battle with cancer last year. Also, friends of ours who lost their son Travis at 24wks, due to PPROM - same thing that happened to us.

It is going to be sad no doubt, but I think it will be very special for everyone.

I'm looking forward to it because I've been feeling as if enough hasn't been being done for Cameron. In the beginning, we had his memorial, then I was buying things left and right. The we had The Walk to Remember. We got a couple of things to remember Cameron by for Christmas, which was special, but after that, I was left thinking, "What now"?

It's almost an obsession...I don't know how else to explain it. I just don't want Cameron to feel forgotten...EVER...not in the least bit! That's another reason I'm excited for Summer. We will be starting his garden which is going to be just beautiful!

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Carly said...

Oh Sweet Hollie,

This dinner will be a night to remember. You will be able to share your dear Cameron and your hearts with people who just understand.

I feel the same way in the fact that I don't want to forget. I think as long as we keep writing and living we are honouring and remembering our boys.

I am excited that you will be starting a garden for Cameron in the Summer. I think your Summer is our Winter down here. We will be starting Christian's Garden in late Autumn as we will be moving into a new home around then. Praying the warm Summer brings you butterflies to his garden and the winter rains help Christian's garden to become strong.

Sending you love,

Carly x