Friday, December 5, 2008

2nd HCG levels

Got my 2nd numbers back today!

12dpo = 80
14dpo = 187

They have more than doubled by a bit, so everything seems to be right on track!!

I called my OB's office and set up my appointment with the intake nurse and my OB. My appointment with the nurse is on the 29th, and my first appointment with my OB is on January 12. The receptionist said they would probably schedule me for an ultrasound shortly after my OB appointment, but I think the intake nurse will request one for me sooner. She did when I was pregnant with Cameron, only because I had some light cramping. She made up the reason of "Due date confirmation", because she knew it wouldn't be approved for cramping, lol. She was awesome.

My OB told me he wanted to have one done sooner this time around, to ease my mind about things, so I don't think she'll have any issues scheduling one for me. I'll be 8wks when I see her, and 10wks when I see my OB.

So I'm thinking I'll have the u/s done between 8-9wks.

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Never forgetting Gregory said...

This is great news. I'm so happy for you. For Cameron's name in the can click on Gregory's page. Then click on the top picture to go to their full blog. There are instructions on the bottom to get your baby's name in the sand.