Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Just got the call from my Dr.

My HCG was 80 (yesterdat at 12dpo)

I freaked out at first, thinking it should have been higher! Especially since my gf called and told me hers was 500 something at 16dpo (twins for her though). She said that put me at about 2.5wks, and I freaked. I was like, "No...I'm 4wks!". She laughed and said, "No hun, 2.5wks from conception." LOL duh! So that would put me at 5wks, with the baby being 2.5wks. Whew!

I also checked this one site and I'm right on! It said the median for 12dpo is 35, so 80 is great!

I have another draw tomorrow just to check things out and make sure my numbers are doubling how they're supposed to! Once I get those results back, I will call my OB and make my first appointment! :)

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Heather Lee said...

Hollie! I am so excited for you. Congrats...:) I will be praying for you and this new life you are carrying....

Heather (mammaofboys)from BBC...