Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just a little update...

I am now almost 15wks pregnant, and everything is still going great! I won't lie - I'm a little nervous about that 16wk mark, since that's the day my water broke. I told my parents I would be taking the day off work, so I could just hang out that day, and sort of relax.
I'm making it a point not to stress over it too much, but obviously there is a fear there. I know the chances of my water breaking again are still in the 1-2% range, and that the chances of it happening again, at 16wks, is probably much lower.

I have my big ultrasound on March 16th. I'll be 19wks then. I'm very glad they scheduled that when they did, because I want to see this baby and KNOW that everything is OK during the time that Cameron passed. I have no doubt that this baby is, and will be, fine, but it's just nice to see them, you know?

My gf and I were out shopping today, and I was looking at baby stuff. Every time I ran across a 0-3mon baby boy outfit, there was a little tug on my heart. My little man should be wearing that now!! Then there were the ever-so-cute St. Patties Day and Easter outfits. I could just picture myself buying them and being so excited to put them on Cameron! :)

My Valentines was great! Chev hand-made an awesome frame to go around Cameron's collage I made. I was actually very impressed by it!! We're getting the vinyl wall letters and putting "An Angel is Always Watching Over You" above it on the wall where it will be hung. We're putting it in the babies nursery. I thought it would be a great tribute to Cameron, and will let our LO know that his/her little brother is watching over them.

My baby bump is just starting to poke out, which I'm getting more and more excited about! I don't tend to get that big, and it takes awhile for people to actually tell I'm pregnant, so I'm very anxious to get that hard, round belly! I can't wait! The time is going by so damn fast though...I hate it. I mean, I like it, but at the same time, I really just want to enjoy this pregnancy for all that it's worth. My pregnancy with Cameron seemed to go by so slow compared to this one. I mean, I'm going to be 15wks in 2 days!! It's insane!!!

We're also starting the planning of Cameron's garden out back. We're making a big, beautiful rock garden with a small blossoming tree and a butterfly house. I absolutely cannot wait to get started on it! Not only will it be beautiful, but it will make our yard look 10x's better! I'll have more ambition to do "yard work" when it's for my little man ;)


Heather Lee said...

I LOVE your idea for the nursery...:) I am certain it will be beautiful. Glad to read you are doing so well!
Take care...

Carly said...

Wish you peace in the next few weeks x

Beth said...

I can definitely understand taking the day off at 16 weeks. I am sure that everything will be fine, but you and I both know that nothing is guaranteed. I think everything you mentioned that you're doing to remember Cameron is wonderful! You must have a wonderful husband! Can you post a picture of the frame/collage sometime?

Nicole said...


I have been following your story since the Dec baby center board, and just want you to know how well you are doing, and glad to hear about the new pregnancy.If you remember I also lost a little boy and he is never far from my thoughts, but thankfully I have five living children who make life liveable. The good days do finally come more frequently than the bad.