Monday, October 6, 2008

What a wonderful week!

My little Cameron has been around me so much in the past week! It's absolutely wonderful!

It started when I REALLY started missing him. I always miss him, but it got really hard there last week. We went to an ice cream social at Aiden's school and I was just sitting there, thinking about Cameron. My mind started wandering, and then something told me to look up. I did, and on the sleeve of someone's hoodie, the name "Cameron" was writting down the arm. I just smiled.

Then, while I was at the store looking at scrapbooks, one caught my eye. I went over to it and pulled it out and right there on the front was "Cameron". This time it actually caught my breath because I had never seen that before - ever!

Yesterday at the park, Aiden climbed the ladder all the way to the top of the big slide. He stood up and I heard him yell, "Hi brother!". I turned around and said, "What Aiden?", and he goes, "I was saying hi to brother". I couldn't help but smile.

Not even two second later, a kid the boys had made friends with was sitting on the merry-go-round and all of a sudden he goes, "Where's Cameron?!" - that was the last straw, lol. I turned to my gf and said, "This is making me a good way of course, but my goodness!!"

So, of course, this past week has been absolutely amazing to me. I love my little man!

As for the walk - it was absolutely beautiful!! Very emotional, but just amazing! We got there right at the beginning and there were only about 60 people there. By time everything started, there were hundreds! They started with the speakers, and then went on to have one person from each family come up to get a white rose for their baby(ies) as a guest sang a beautiful song. That was very had for me to walk up there and tell her, "One please." I walked back to Chev and, for a breif moment, felt as if I might collapse. I made it into his arms though.

After that we all got balloons and then got to write a message to our little ones. Chev and I both took one. We then walked down to a very beautiful, peaceful section of the park to release the balloons. One by one, babies names were called. The sight of those balloons slowly filling the sky took my breath away. Then they called Cameron's name. It took me a second to release his ballon, because the sound of his name coming from a loud speaker, took me by surprise. There were tears - oh God were there tears! The tears were obviously out of sadness, but also because of the beauty of everything. The whole event was just wonderful!



Mrs. Mother said...

I'm so glad you had a good week, and I'm glad the walk was nice. I'm definitely doing it next year.

Jennifer Currey said...

What a blessing...

Reading your moments of peace is so encouraging. Thanks for sharing your joyful week with us.

Beth said...

Wow, the walk sounds wonderful. I can imagine hearing your baby's name on the speaker. When we picked Ada's name I imagined how it would sound at her high school or college graduation one day - it must have been really special to have Cameron's name announced like that. That's the kind of thing we don't get to hear often.