Friday, August 22, 2008

Dear sweet angel,

This day has come and gone and I still miss you more than anything. I think about you often, and my heart constantly aches for you. I feel you around me, in everything I do, and that calms me in a way that only you would know.

My sweet little boy, do you know how much I truly love you? How much I smile when I think about your precious face? How happy it makes me to know that you are in the most beautiful place imaginable? Well, I bet you do. You know me inside and out. You know my deepest thoughts and every desire of my heart. My biggest which is you.
I know I can't bring you back, but that doesn't stop my heart from wanting you. I can't control it. My heart will always have a piece missing.
You stole that, you know? You stole a big 'ol piece of your mommy's heart, and I hope you hold it dear.

I know I will see you one day, and as much as part of me wishes it were now, I can't leave here. I've got to take care of your daddy and Aiden. They need me around. I have no doubt in my mind that you're in the best of care and that your grandma Carol is showering you with tons and tons of kisses. Please let her know that I can't thank her enough...

Don't mind my tears right now sweetheart. I'm only crying because I miss you - kind of how someone cries when they miss a loved one who is away for a long while.

It doesn't hurt so much just kind of stings a little.

Goodnight sweet pea, I love you...

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